In-Charge : Hav Sujit Kumar Pal (Retd)

    In Brass band a student learns Brass Instruments and different types of percussion instruments. They play tunes like Slow March, Quick March, Sky boat song, Golden Silver, Wooden Heart, Rajasthan Slow March etc. They also learn Indian Classical Raga and Ragnis (Raga Yaman, Vrindavani Sarang, Bhimpalasi to name a few) which make this band unique. The boy plays an instrument with the staff notation (music script) and also with Indian classical notations.

    Students are taught on the following Instruments:

    A. Euphonium

    B. Cornet

    C. Trumpet

    D. Bugle

    E. Bass Drums

    F. Snare Drums

    G. Symbols

    H. Extra Percussions

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