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    Supervisor - Mr Jitendra Singh Chauhan

    Xổ số kiến ​​thiết Vũng TàuThe School Gym has always been a favourite place for all the young boys who are conscious about their health and posture. There is a visible surge in the number of students coming here regularly for advice on exercises for specific games, food and nutrition. To encourage the boys to sport well toned bodies, we have revived Mr Mayo contest, the home competition of the School and this is drawing an overwhelming response from both small and grown up boys. It is important in life what one thinks of his form, physique and general health and there is no better substitute to working out in the Gym and burn out which is a long process and often challenging, nevertheless there are many takers who feel it is an essential part of our routine.

    The regular trainer at school advises the young boys on different aspects of bodybuilding and teaches them postures to train them for the competition. It is a hit with the audience who take great delight in watching and cheering the young body sculptors who come on the stage to flaunt their steel.

    Xổ số kiến ​​thiết Vũng TàuThe Mayo Gym is a busy place and it draws approximately 40 boys everyday in the afternoon who come for body sculpting and fitness from a cross section of classes. The Gym is equipped with modern stations, free weights, treadmills and stands to make it an impressive facility on the campus.

    There is obvious surge in the number of boys and staff visiting the gymnasium for various routines after the successful “Mr.Mayo” competition in the school. There is widespread consciousness among the boys and faculty about the need of fitness in the long haul and the gym provides sufficient guidance to all to develop good physique and to lose weight in a controlled way cutting on high carbohydrate and fatty stuff from the food and insisting on natural ways of getting fit. Many students are benefitting from the experience and expertise of our trainer, who has been an accomplished sportsman in various disciplines.

    It is essential for everyone to inculcate the habit of spending a couple of hours every day on fitness training and endurance under the guidance of an able trainer and our gym at Mayo supports the ambitions of all those who feel inclined encouraging to shed inhibitions and adopt and new lifestyle which is helpful in building confidence and stamina for tough work ahead. Many students have adopted exercise routines and regimen in their life to feel some change and to live a happier life. This systematic training and support helps sportsmen achieve and perform better. Even to those who are not into serious sports, a regulated life dedicated to fitness and regular exercises works wonders.

    Xổ số kiến ​​thiết Vũng TàuWe are equipped with sufficient weights and mechanical stations in a spacious facility which make a pretty decent gym for a school and we are in the process of adding more apparatus gradually as per the needs and use. The gym is all out to promote a serious feeling of fitness among all and it is reaching out to more and more people every year.

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