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    Supervisor - Mr Nitin K Vashishtha

    “You can't box without getting fit just as you can't swim without getting wet”.

    At Mayo, teaching and training Boxing is to provide a safe and organized forum to learn Olympic-style amateur boxing. While some students train just to have fun and learn the sport, others take it as main sport to win amateur tournaments at the levels of District, State, IPSC and National. Amateur boxing is much safer than professional boxing due to the specific rules (emphasizing points rather than damage), fewer & shorter rounds and the use of headgear.

    Boxing at Mayo is taught as an after-school activity, and is always taught by qualified and experienced coach.

    Xổ số kiến ​​thiết Vũng TàuAll students from grades 4-12 are welcome to participate. Beginning boxers are trained in the basics starting with stance and movement, defensive techniques, and instruction on how to land a full range of scoring punches. Seasoned boxers undergo rigorous training schedule to improve core strength, cardiovascular conditioning, agility & coordination, as well as discipline and self-confidence.

    Competitions usually include one intramural show in which boxers compete against each other based on age, weight and skill.

    Opportunities are also available to continue training after the season ends and to compete in amateur boxing events and tournaments. Competing is purely optional, the team is also open to those who are interested in learning the sport of boxing just for fun but do not want to actually compete.

    Xổ số kiến ​​thiết Vũng TàuBoxing for fitness is popular here as it provides best forms of workouts, not only to help to strengthen and tone the muscles but as stress release as well. Boxing is not about being a tough guy. It is about being a better man. For ultimately boxing is not about how hard you can hit - it is about how hard you can get hit and still carry on.

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