In-Charge : Mr Sanjay Khati

    Xổ số kiến ​​thiết Vũng TàuIn the trying times we all live in there are a few fumes that pent up deep within the recesses, the labyrinthine alleys of our minds. With no lamp posts to guide us in the dark, the chemicals conjure up magic in the form of words. The valves slacken and the thoughts pour out the chaos within.

    The Society provides a space for the expression of any view, however unorthodox, but accepts reason as its only absolute, and as the ultimate decider of all questions. We attempt to churn something with in, something that shakes and simmers and seethes inside, gestates and finally manifests itself in words, which crumble out into cacophony.

    Xổ số kiến ​​thiết Vũng TàuThe aim of debate is not to cushion you or re-enforce your beliefs; the aim of debate is to shake you up and make you challenge your preconceptions by exposure to the widest possible range of ideas - and through making you argue against your own.

    Mazel Tov: The Mayo College Belles-lettres and Debating Society introduces the rudiments and nuances of good expression. The members express their views on various topical and contemporary issues. The various competitions that take place with in the society are Extempore, Turncoat, Parliamentary and Face off Debates. The members are chosen to represent the College at prestigious fixtures all over the country. The Society also organizes the Invitational Gibson Debates which has an overwhelming response from the best schools in the country.

    We endorse Amos Bronson Alcott, the great American reformer, Philosopher and Teacher (even at the cost of sounding chauvinistic) when he says Debate is masculine, conversation is feminine. Can anyone dare refute that?

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