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    Supervisor - Mr Ashish Nath (Sr School)

    Supervisor - Mr Shiraz Ellis (Jr School)

    Tennis is one of the most popular sports in Mayo College. The Junior School boys as well as Senior School boys regularly play tennis in the evening as a daily routine throughout the year. There are many boys who play Tennis for fitness and some are quite serious in learning the art of Tennis. Some are Amateurs some are Professionals.

    There are many players who are very serious about Tennis and are exploring to make Tennis their career when they pass out from Mayo College. Tennis is divided and subdivided into many groups. There are around 20 Tennis courts in Mayo College Campus and are 10 functional courts; six in the Senior School and four in the Junior School. There are five clay courts in Senior School and one cement court. There are four clay courts in Junior School.

    Xổ số kiến ​​thiết Vũng TàuThere are almost 200 students playing tennis in the Mayo College including Junior School. There are many in-house tennis tournaments in Mayo College followed by Inter-house Tennis meet and ladders. Mayo boys regularly participate in District, State, IPSC and National level Tournaments. There are many students who have won awards in all the above mentioned tournaments.

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