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    Supervisor : Mr Virendra Sharma

    Yoga is the basic tenet of Health Club Society. Yoga is an ancient science which means to join or unite. The path of yoga enables us to cultivate good habits and overcome the hurdles. Yoga therapeutics in the form of Pranayama, Kunjan and Jalaneti for Asthama and Sinusitis cases is taught. For sports related injuries too, Yogic therapy is practiced. Various Asanas and Pranayama along with dietary control for obesity and other weight related disorders are also taught.

    Xổ số kiến ​​thiết Vũng TàuThe aim of Health Care Society is to make children aware of Yoga, Meditation and various therapies used in Yoga (Jalaneti, Rabernati, Steam Bath, Mud Pack and Shirodhara etc.) Children perform these activities under close guidance. The idea is to make them aware of Yoga and spread this amongst other students.

    In Mayo College, Yoga has been an integral part of our life. Meditation and therapy session at Yoga Therapy Center takes place every day coupled with regular morning Yoga classes. Health care society tends to address issues like Stress management, Weight loss, Anxiety control and Concentration enhancement. Students also take part in IPSC & Open National Yoga Championships.

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